Integral Hospitality represents 29 hotels
Integral Hospitality represents 29 hotels

What Goes Around Comes Around, and Up!

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The fourth call that Integral Founder Bill Murray got when he started the company in 2003 was from Hilton. The owners of the Hampton Inn Ruston, Louisiana were experiencing difficulties with the PIP on their newly acquired Hampton Inn. The Integral Team went in, got things organized and on track and found a great General Manager for the ownership group. After Integral’s two year assignment was completed, the partnership enjoyed great success with the GM that Integral had found for them.

Nearly eight years later, the opportunity presented itself for one of Integral’s clients, Mercury Investment, to acquire the asset. The hotel was under performing the market, especially in average daily rate, but the renovation that would be required for Hilton would help improve performance in all areas. A brainstorming session revealed a series of amenities that could be added in order to provide value. The required Perfect Mix Lobby, which had not been installed as of yet, was gotten underway. The implementation of a focused sales effort was put in place. These things would allow the hotel to improve its market share.

The Integral Team designed an exciting new lobby that still incorporated some of the attractive design elements of the existing lobby. This resulted in economical savings that offset the cost of the new offerings. The required corridor renovations were done, giving the hotel a fresh new look. A hopping manager’s reception was added with local craft beer. All new furnishings were installed in the outdoor patio area, as well as the addition of a firepit and BBQ grill. Unused office space was transformed into a new Treats Shop allowing inefficient vending areas to be converted into small hospitality rooms.

The seasoned staff was re-energized and their skills honed, while a leadership focused General Manager was brought in. A go-getter of a sales person, Brandon Sutherland started building relationships with local companies and the two universities.

Service scores soared and so did revenues. Occupancy jumped 37% and the average rate increased 22%. The value of the hotel increased over $3 million! The final piece of the puzzle was an exterior renovation to meet the new Hampton Inn Forever Young requirements. This resulted in an extension of the license agreement to fifteen years.

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