Integral Hospitality represents 29 hotels
Integral Hospitality represents 29 hotels

The Constant Pursuit of Perfection

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Project Perfection is Integral’s proprietary quality assurance tool that allows team members to easily communicate issues they uncover, then prioritize solutions based on urgency and capital budgets.

There are literally thousands of things in a hotel that can break or be dirty when that guest arrives at your hotel. Our goal is to make every guest feel like they are the only guest that ever stayed in their room. No trace of a previous guest is the standard. Doing that means constant cleaning and repair, as well as monitoring for replacement.

Balancing the need for replacement against budgeted capital reserves for the hotel is a critical component of the financial equation.

Project perfection helps Integral Corporate team members as well as hotel General Managers and their teams to SYSTEMATICALLY check those thousands of items so that no stone goes unturned.

As a result, everyone can keep a handle on the condition and cleanliness of each and every area of the hotel.

All this leads to increased guest scores and reviews, higher revenues, happy team members and contented owners!

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