Integral Hospitality represents 29 hotels
Integral Hospitality represents 29 hotels

Hurricane Harvey Heroes from Oklahoma

The team at the Candlewood Suites in Ardmore recently went above and beyond the call of duty to help victims of Hurricane Harvey along the Texas coast.

They report:

“We made the trip to Rockport to the disaster drop-off zone and were told that the city building inspector had just left from inspecting the warehouse and deemed it unsafe for people to utilize any further as it had some structural damage that they did not know about. They diverted us to Port Arkansas to deliver all of the food and water we had to what was called Cowboy David CAMP, which was basically a tent city set up with several smokers, a pantry, water stations, and volunteer cooks servers etc. They had a refrigerated truck they were keeping meats in. They were feeding everyone and anyone for free with all the donations and they were planning on staying until normalcy returns which I can safely say will not be for months!

Our donations consisted of over 5000 bottles of water, 12 cases of bar soaps donated by multiple local hotels, 12 cases of wipes, tons of shovels, contractors trash bags, cleaning supplies and various types of tools and work gloves etc. We estimated the values of all items donated to around $8000.

We did have a BBQ fundraiser here at the hotel for cash donations ($500) which we used to pay for the fuel and meals of the 3 volunteers that went down and for all expenses we incurred.”

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