Integral Hospitality represents 29 hotels
Integral Hospitality represents 29 hotels

There’s a Buzz in the Air in Beeville TX

The Hampton Inn Beeville TX has the town buzzing about the accolades they continue to receive from Hampton by Hilton.  It would have been easy for Nickelle Gonzales and her team to enjoy the five 2015 “Mover and Shakers” awards  they received – a distinction given only to the top 25 hotels in each service category.

Instead, Nickelle and her team set their eyes on winning a Lighthouse Award in 2016.  The Lighthouse Award is given to the top 5% of Hampton by Hilton Hotels, designating them as “Beacons of Hospitality.”   After achieving an outstanding 95% on her quality assurance inspection in April, Nickelle and her team were well on their way to their goal.  They continued to follow up each quarter with service scores that led the brand in a majority of categories.  In early 2017 Nickelle and her team were presented the coveted Lighthouse Award.

Nickelle and her team took about 5 minutes to enjoy their achievement before setting their sights even higher in 2017.  The Connie Award, named after Conrad Hilton, is awarded to the top 6 Hampton by Hilton Hotels each year.  In March the Hampton Inn Beeville posted yet another outstanding quality assurance inspection and has supported it with brand leading guest satisfaction scores.  This month the Hampton Inn Beeville was awarded the first quarter “Wall of Fame” Award for reaching #8 on the Total Quality Score Rankings.  This places Nickelle and her team firmly in the grasp or bringing home some additional hardware.

We are excited to follow Nickelle, her team and the Hampton Inn Beeville in their progress in 2017.  Regardless of the outcome, the Hampton Inn Beeville is undoubtedly the buzz of Beeville and South Texas.

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