Integral Hospitality represents 29 hotels
Integral Hospitality represents 29 hotels

Across the Seas and Back Again


Proudly serving 13 years in The United States Armed Services has allowed Tracy to bring a unique skill set to the Integral team. With an outgoing personality and predisposition for hospitality it was a natural transition to The Isisbindi Lodges South Africa, a unique full service hotel. Spending time at boutique hotels in Honduras and Zanzibar, Tracy made an eventual return to mainland USA. This wide variety of experience has afforded Tracy the skills to lead a Hampton team that is in the Top 5% for Service and Cleanliness.

Even in the face of a changing environment that has seen a substantial shift in market conditions, Tracy and his team have not let that deter them. Their persistence and determination never waivers, as proven by their continued growth in share and a 22.3% increase in RevPAR Index over the past 3 months.

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