Integral Hospitality represents 29 hotels
Integral Hospitality represents 29 hotels

Translating Guest Comments into REVPAR


The Permian Basin of eastern New Mexico and western Texas is flooded with hotel inventory.

The town of Carlsbad, New Mexico is no exception. The competition is fierce.

The Sleep in Carlsbad, managed by Integral Hospitality, is currently ranked 4 out of 22 hotels on Trip Advisor and they are gunning for the top slot. They are up against all the major brands and are beating out some pretty big players
week after week.

They have focused on hotel basics centering around getting it right the first time followed by response and recovery when they fail to meet expectations. The staff has the right “buy in” and everyone participates.

On their own, the Housekeeping Department started a campaign of hand written welcome notes in guest rooms. They get so much positive feedback (in the form of letters, cards and hand written notes) that they are running out of room in housekeeping to post all the responses.

The culture is right and that transfers into REVPAR. The hotel consistently out performs the comp set on REVPAR, usually by more than 10%.

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