Integral Hospitality represents 29 hotels
Integral Hospitality represents 29 hotels

Focusing on What is Important

Key Indicators

IntegralLink is Integral’s innovative information management tool. This password protected database allows Integral Team Members and owners to monitor information from managed hotels on a minute by minute basis. Critical daily statistics and pace reports are available for viewing immediately on a dashboard. Revenue is tracked against budget and previous periods. Evidence of critical daily functions is uploaded. Forecasts are updated in real time.

Marketing plans and budgets (operating and capital) are updated in real time and available to be viewed, along with property operations reports and scored evaluations. Financial reports, including profit and loss statements, general ledgers, guest and advance deposit ledgers and accounts payable/receivable reports are maintained. Inventories can be viewed online. Other important revenue management and sales reports are also available.

Integral’s Key Performance Indicators (KPI) is generated from information from IntegralLink database. This report card, of sorts, for each hotel indicates the graded performance of each property. Not only is information included pertaining to revenue, it also covers other pieces of the puzzle such as quality assurance, guest satisfaction, deadline compliance, and even team member satisfaction. Each aspect is weighted as to its importance to the hotel’s performance score and a quick glance at the Overall KPI Scorecard Gauge immediately shows which hotels are in that all important acceptable and outstanding range, and which ones need to strive to move the needle higher.

All of this information helps owners and management company leaders know that the hotels they lead are taking care of business.

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